Circuit Breaker Replacement Parts

GE AK-1-25 Renewal Parts

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Description Part Number
176L137G1, except for a drawout breaker176L137G3
176L137G2, except for a drawout breaker176L137G4
176L137G5, except for a drawout breaker176L137G7
176L137G8, except for a drawout breaker176L137G8
Arc quencher assembly, complete6414042G4
Arc quencher cap6403139P2
Arc quencher clamp6414299P1
Armature and Link Assembly6403836P1
Armature and Link Assembly372A214G1
Barrier reinforcement6403453P2
Beam Returning, A-C6403351
Beam Returning, D-C6302795
Bracket (prop switch)372A214G1
Buffer Paddle Assembly6317634G1
Buffer Paddle Return Spring6403366
Cam Return Spring6372921
Cam Return Spring675014G7
Center Stationary Contact6472067G1
Clamp Plate6444018P1
Closing Solenoid Coil 115 256275014G6
Closing Solenoid Coil 115 506275014G9
Closing Solenoid Coil 115 606275014G14
Closing Solenoid Coil 125 DC6275014G12
Closing Solenoid Coil 208 256275014G6
Closing Solenoid Coil 208 506275014G9
Closing Solenoid Coil 208 606275014G14
Closing Solenoid Coil 230 256275014G6
Closing Solenoid Coil 230 506275014G16
Closing Solenoid Coil 230 606275014G16
Closing Solenoid Coil 250 DC6275014G9
Closing Solenoid Coil 380 506275014G11
Closing Solenoid Coil 460 256275014G5
Closing Solenoid Coil 460 506275014G15
Closing Solenoid Coil 460 606275014G6
Closing Solenoid Coil 48 DC6275014G3
Closing Solenoid Coil 48 DC6275014G12
Closing Solenoid Coil 575 256275081G37
Closing Solenoid Coil 575 506275081G36
Closing Solenoid Coil 575 606275081G38
Closing Switch6319448G1
Collar (trip crank)6447337P1
Contact Finger6403870P1
Contact Kit ("X" relay)101X100
Contact Pin6248887P2
Contact Support6555759P2
Conversion parts for stationary electrically operated breaker, with push button176L37G2
Conversion parts for stationary manual breaker; with push button176L137G1
Crank and Roller6372772G1
Cylinder and Support Guide6319456G40
Fiber Strap6403513P2
Front Escutcheon (electrically op. without manual handle)6319496G8
Front Escutcheon (manual)6414395G1
Front Escutcheon Assembly6319496G3
Ground Strap, left hand9921534P1
Ground Strap, right hand9921534P2
Handle ( no suffix, A)6317570P2
Handle (-1,-2,-3,-4)9921699P2
Indicator Assembly, movable6372784P1
Indicator, stationary (-1,-2,-3,-4)6372788P3
Indicator, stationary (no suffix, A)6372788P1
Inside Barrier6403140P1
Insulating Cap6444195P2
Insulating Link, center pole6317611P3
Insulating Link, outside pole6317719P3
Insulating Tube6444378P1
Insulating tube, arc quencher tie bolt6444378P3
Latch Bolt6444916P1
Main Contact Spring A-C6302797
Main Contact Spring D-C6302791
Main Moving Contact6403076P1
Main Shaft, 4-pole breaker6372808P4
Main Shaft, drawout breaker (-3, -4)362A427P1
Main Shaft, stationary 2- or 3- pole breaker6372808P2
Main Stationary Contact6403075P1
Movable Contact6402656G1
Movable Contact Assembly6317995G2
Movable Contact Pin, seal-in6444849P1
Movable Contact Pin, seal-in6444848P1
Muffler Assembly9921666G2
Opening Spring Opening Spring Cap6372922
Outside Barrier, Left6248846P2
Outside Barrier, Right6403138P2
Outside Stationary Contact6403138P1
Overcurrent trip device6472067G2
Parts to convert old electrical breaker to new electrical system; no push button6319453A
Parts to convert stationary manual breaker to electrically operated, with push button176L137G6
Pin (use with link)6444104P1
Pin (use with link)6444008P1
Plunger and link6444084P1
Primary Disconnect, one complete pole6403128P1
Prop (electrically operated)6319469G2
Prop (manually operated)372A215P1
Prop Return Spring (manually operated)640546P1
Prop Roller6372924
Prop Switch6444160P1
Reset Spring9921661P4
Reset Spring6372914
Return Spring6275014G10
Reverse current trip device6403318
Shunt Trip Coil 115 606403111P1
Shunt Trip Coil 115 606275081G26
Shunt Trip Coil 125 DC6275081G26
Shunt Trip Coil 125 DC6275081G24
Shunt Trip Coil 208 256275081G18
Shunt Trip Coil 208 256275081G29
Shunt Trip Coil 230 256275081G10
Shunt Trip Coil 230 256275081G4
Shunt Trip Coil 24 DC6275081G10
Shunt Trip Coil 24 DC6275081G30
Shunt Trip Coil 48 DC6275081G15
Shunt Trip Coil 48 DC6275081G25
Shunt Trip Coil V115 256275081G9
Shunt Trip Coil V115 256275081G29
Shunt Trip Coil V115 506275081G12
Shunt Trip Coil V115 506275081G26
Shunt Trip Coil V208 506275081G4
Shunt Trip Coil V208 506275081G26
Shunt Trip Coil V208 606275081G12
Shunt Trip Coil V208 606275081G26
Shunt Trip Coil V230 506275081G7
Shunt Trip Coil V230 506275081G27
Shunt Trip Coil V230 606275081G12
Shunt Trip Coil V230 606275081G27
Shunt Trip Coil V250 DC6275081G7
Shunt Trip Coil V250 DC6275081G26
Shunt Trip Coil V380 506275081G19
Shunt Trip Coil V380 506275081G7
Shunt Trip Coil V460 256275081G31
Shunt Trip Coil V460 256275081G5
Shunt Trip Coil V460 506275081G17
Shunt Trip Coil V460 506275081G29
Shunt Trip Coil V460 606275081G3
Shunt Trip Coil V460 606275081G7
Shunt Trip Coil V575 256275081G31
Shunt Trip Coil V575 256275081G5
Shunt Trip Coil V575 506275081G21
Shunt Trip Coil V575 506275081G29
Shunt Trip Coil V575 606275081G8
Shunt Trip Coil V575 606275081G7
Shunt Trip Device (Less Coil)6275081G20
Side Frame, Left6319456G1
Side Frame, Right6403509G1
Solenoid Control Device A-C64035111G1
Solenoid Control Device D-C6319466G1
Solenoid Control Device Coil 115 256319467G3
Solenoid Control Device Coil 115 506275081G48
Solenoid Control Device Coil 115 606275081G39
Solenoid Control Device Coil 125 DC6275081G33
Solenoid Control Device Coil 208 256275081G44
Solenoid Control Device Coil 208 506275081G48
Solenoid Control Device Coil 208 606275081G39
Solenoid Control Device Coil 230 256275081G33
Solenoid Control Device Coil 230 506275081G40
Solenoid Control Device Coil 230 606275081G34
Solenoid Control Device Coil 250 DC6275081G34
Solenoid Control Device Coil 380 506275081G47
Solenoid Control Device Coil 460 256275081G41
Solenoid Control Device Coil 460 506275081G43
Solenoid Control Device Coil 460 606275081G42
Solenoid Control Device Coil 48 DC6275081G35
Solenoid Control Device Coil 575 256275081G32
Solenoid Control Device Coil 575 50CR2810-A11AC3
Solenoid Control Device Coil 575 60CR2810-A11AC2
Spring (shunt trip)6172594
Stationary Contact365A325
Stationary Contact Spring6372777G1
Stationary Contact Strip, seal-in6372917
Stop Nut6404345P1
Terminal board (10 point)CR1070-C122A3
Terminal board (6 point)6319451G1
Toggle Link6319467G8
Toggle Support Pin6372739P1
Trip Button6447336P1
Trip Button Return Spring6248844P4
Trip Latch6403396
Trip Paddle6317758P1
Trip Rod386A100G1
Trip shaft (2- or 3- pole breaker)6248845P1
Trip Shaft (4-pole breaker)6372809P3
Type SB-12 aux. switch, 2 stage, 4-contact6372809P7
Type SB-12 aux. switch, 5 stage, 10-contact6423959G1
Undervoltage Device, instantaneous A-C6423959G2
Undervoltage Device, instantaneous D-C6319456G7
Undervoltage Device, time delay A-C6319456G9
Undervoltage Device, time delay D-C6319456G8
Upper Stud6319456G10
Upper stud cap6403109G3
"X" Relay 115 60175L329P306
"X" Relay 115 60CR2810-A11AC3
"X" Relay 125 DC176L162G24
"X" Relay 125 DCCR2810-A11AC7
"X" Relay 48 DC176L162G16
"X" Relay 48 DCCR2810-A11AC2
"X" Relay Coil 115 60176L162G12
"X" Relay Coil 125 DC22D135G3
"X" Relay Coil 460 2522D135G7
"X" Relay Coil 48 DC22D135G5
"X" Relay Coil V115 2522D135G2
"X" Relay Coil V115 5022D135G18
"X" Relay Coil V208 2522D135G8
"X" Relay Coil V208 5022D135G18
"X" Relay Coil V208 6022D135G8
"X" Relay Coil V230 2522D135G3
"X" Relay Coil V230 5022D135G9
"X" Relay Coil V230 6022D135G4
"X" Relay Coil V250 DC22D135G4
"X" Relay Coil V380 5022D135G17
"X" Relay Coil V460 5022D135G19
"X" Relay Coil V460 6022D135G10
"X" Relay Coil V575 2522D135G20
"X" Relay Coil V575 50366A716
"X" Relay Coil V575 60366A716G4
"X" Relay V115 25366A716G5
"X" Relay V115 25CR2810-A11AC18
"X" Relay V115 50176L162G26
"X" Relay V115 50CR2810-A11AC8
"X" Relay V208 25176L162G25
"X" Relay V208 25CR2810-A11AC18
"X" Relay V208 50176L162G21
"X" Relay V208 50CR2810-A11AC8
"X" Relay V208 60176L162G17
"X" Relay V208 60CR2810-A11AC3
"X" Relay V230 25176L162G13
"X" Relay V230 25CR2810-A11AC9
"X" Relay V230 50176L162G18
"X" Relay V230 50CR2810-A11AC4
"X" Relay V230 60176L162G14
"X" Relay V230 60CR2810-A11AC4
"X" Relay V250 DC176L162G27
"X" Relay V250 DCCR2810-A11AC17
"X" Relay V380 50176L162G20
"X" Relay V380 50CR2810-A11AC19
"X" Relay V460 25176L162
"X" Relay V460 25CR2810-A11AC5
"X" Relay V460 50176L162
"X" Relay V460 50CR2810-A11AC10
"X" Relay V460 60176L162
"X" Relay V460 60CR2810-A11AC20
"X" Relay V575 25176L162
"X" Relay V575 2522D135G60
"X" Relay V575 506275081G29
"X" Relay V575 5022D135G2

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