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GE Magne-Blast AM4.16-250-9H Renewal Parts

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Description Part Number
Auxiliary Switch0137A9192R011
Booster Cylinder0619C0444G005
Box Barriers0152C5962R001
Charging Motor 115V AC / 125V AC0105C9393P002
Charging Motor 115V AC / 125V AC0275A6815P002
Charging Motor 115V AC / 125V AC0184B7360G002
Charging Motor 230V AC0105C9393P004
Charging Motor 230V AC0275A6815P003
Charging Motor 230V AC0184B7360G003
Charging Motor 230V AC / 250V DC0105C9393P003
Charging Motor 230V AC / 250V DC0275A6815P003
Charging Motor 230V AC / 250V DC0184B7360G003
Charging Motor 48V DC0105C9393P001
Charging Motor 48V DC0275A6815P001
Charging Motor 48V DC0184B7360G001
Closing Coil 110/125 DC006174582G001
Closing Coil 115 AC6174582710
Closing Coil 220 DC006174582G015
Closing Coil 230 AC006174582G014
Closing Coil 250 DC006174582G002
Closing Coil 48 DC0061174582G034
Current Trip Coil006174599G002
Flexible Connectors (Left)0236C0791G004
Flexible Connectors (Right)0236C0791G001
Front Bushings (1200A)0845D0123G001
Front Bushings (2000A)0688C0515G001
Micro Switches (normally closed)0456A0866P006
Micro Switches (normally open)0456A0866P005
ML-13 Armature0114C5347P004
ML-13 Bearing (chain drive)0414A0112P097
ML-13 Bearing (non-chain drive)0414A0112P059
ML-13 Bearing (O.R. & I.R.)0414A0112P001
ML-13 Bearing Block0213X0702G022
ML-13 Bearing Inner Race (chain drive)0414A0112P100
ML-13 Bearing Inner Race (non-chain drive)0414A0112P060
ML-13 Bearning (I.R.)0414A0112P053
ML-13 Bearning (O.R.)0414A0112P052
ML-13 Bushing0456A0885P021
ML-13 Cam0105C9311G002
ML-13 CAM0105C9311G002
ML-13 CL. Latch Roller0414A0112P058
ML-13 Coil Support0105C9316P002
ML-13 Crank0105C9316G001
ML-13 Crank0257A6975G001
ML-13 Crank0114C5343G002
ML-13 Cutoff Switch, AC006275259R001
ML-13 Cutoff Switch, DC006275259R002
ML-13 Eccentric (chain drive)0153B5208P001
ML-13 Eccentric (non-chain drive)0165B7926P001
ML-13 Indicator (charge/discharge)0105C9306G003
ML-13 Indicator (open/close)0105C9308G002
ML-13 Latch (Closing)0114C5342G001
ML-13 Latch (Trip)0105C9302R002
ML-13 Latch CK. Switch0161A4282R001
ML-13 Link0213X0702G012
ML-13 Link0213X0702G023
ML-13 Link0213X0702G021
ML-13 Link, including Bushing (chain drive)0934D0136G003
ML-13 Link, including Bushing (non-chain drive)0213X0702G018
ML-13 Mech. Closing Latch Spring (tension)0161A4231P001
ML-13 Mech. Closing Latch Spring (torsion)0257A6973P001
ML-13 Mech. Driving Pawl Spring0161A4241P001
ML-13 Mech. Pawl Spring0161A5909P001
ML-13 Mech. Prop Spring0137A9252P001
ML-13 Mech. Prop Spring #2 (All w/ dual springs)006071231P001
ML-13 Mech. Prop Spring (new number)0275A7211P001
ML-13 Mech. Reset Spring0137A9261P001
ML-13 Mech. Trip Latch Spring0137A9262P001
ML-13 Motor Mount0105C9313G001
ML-13 Pawl (Driving)0213X0702R016
ML-13 Pawl (inside)0213X0702R015
ML-13 Pawl (outside)0213X0702R014
ML-13 Pawl Spring0161A4241P001
ML-13 Pin (Prop)0105C9302P004
ML-13 Plunger Interlock Complete Assembly0105C9305R001
ML-13 Ratchet Wheel0105C9310G002
ML-13 Replacement Bearing Kit0156C9403G001
ML-13 Sec. Disconnect Device (Male) Complete Assembly0108B1931R005
ML-13 Sec. Disconnect Device (Male) Contact Base006505244P001
ML-13 Sec. Disconnect Device (Male) Contact Pin006319964P002
ML-13 Shaft0105C9308P004
ML-13 Stop Pin0105C9304P003
ML-13 Switch (N.C.)0456A0866P006
ML-13 Switch (N.O.)0456A0866P005
Movable Arcing Contacts (All)0227A5306G004
Movable Primary Contacts (1200A, 2000A)0137A9164P003
Movable Primary Contacts (1200A, 2000A)0137A9164P004
Movable Primary Contacts (Except "B" Designation)0114C5382P004
Operating Rod Assembly0281B0708R002
Operating Rod Assembly (with "B" Designation)0281B0708R008
Operation Counter (Large)0114C5316G001
Operation Counter (Standard)0161A5802R001
Primary Contact Springs (1200A)0121A5964P001
Primary Contact Springs (2000A)0121A5964P001
Primary Contact Springs (Except "B" Designation)0414A0180P001
Rear Bushings (1200A)0845D0124G001
Rear Bushings (2000A)0688C0516G006
Relay 110 DC0137A7575P001
Relay 115 AC, 60 HZ0137A7575P005
Relay 125 DC0137A7575P001
Relay 220 DC0108B5565R004
Relay 230 AC, 50 HZ0137A7575P009
Relay 230 AC, 60 HZ0137A7575P002
Relay 250 DC0108B5565R004
Relay 48 DC0137A7575P004
Secondary Disconnect Device (Female) ML-13 Mechanism0237C0473G011
Secondary Disconnect Device (Female) Solenoid Mechanism0237C0473G010
Stationary Arcing Contacts0236C0790G009
Stationary Primary Contacts0114C5382P004
Tripping Coil 115 AC006174582G013
Tripping Coil 125 DC006174582G001
Tripping Coil 220 DC006174582G015
Tripping Coil 230 AC6174582732
Tripping Coil 24 DC006275070G001
Tripping Coil 250 DC006174582G002
Tripping Coil 32 DC006275070G003
Tripping Coil 48 DC006174582G034
Tube & Pistion Assembly (1200A)0213X0343R090
Tube & Pistion Assembly (2000A)0213X0343R091
Undervoltage Coil 115 AC006275017G016
Undervoltage Coil 125 DC006275017G015
Undervoltage Coil 230 AC006275017G012
Undervoltage Coil 250 DC003241202P001
Undervoltage Coil 48 DC006275017G045

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