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Westinghouse DBF-6 Renewal Parts

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Description Part Number
Arc Chutes 406D675G01
Base 1809545
Bkr. Operating Handle (E.O.) 302C425G02
Breaker Lever 1491459
Closing Spring (E.O.) 125A871H03
Cover 302C225H02
Cross Bar 1491394
DBF-6 E/O 405D804G09
DBF-6 M/O405D804G08
Electric Operated 419D872G01
Field Discharge Switch 1529503
Field Discharge Switch Arc Chute1491059
Field Discharge Switch Base1809545
Field Discharge Switch Contact Arm and Shunt21B4789G02
Field Discharge Switch Finger Cluster1491905
Field Discharge Switch Lower Stud1574543
Field Discharge Switch Operating Link1574548
Field Discharge Switch Stationary Arcing Tip1584766
Field Discharge Switch Upper Stud1574542
Finger Clusters 1491904
Lower Stud 1735836
Manual Operated 419D872G03
Mech. Shaft (E.O.) 419D396G03
Mech. Shaft (M.O.) 419D396G01
Moving Arcing Contact 302C137G01
Moving Contact Arm w/ Shunt 1491414
Moving Main Contact Assembly18A9894G10
Opening Spring1809546
Operating Link 1491410
Pawl 1491442
Pawl Pin 1802680
Pawl Spring 1491450
Pole Unit 21A8826G10
Roller Lever 1491454
Secondary Contact (4P) 18B1225G09
Spring Operated 307C752G01
Stationary Arcing Contact 302C137G02
Stationary Main Contact & Upper Stud1491419
Switch 4P (D.O.) 14B7132G06
Trip Lever Spring 1491445
Tripping Lever 1572414
Tripping Spring126A107H03

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