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ABB / BBC / ITE K-4000S Renewal Parts

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Description Part Number
Accessory Kit 709770-T3
Arc Chute Assembly706745-T3
Arc Chute Retainer701543-A
Auxiliary Switch - 4 contact700034-K1
Auxiliary Switch - 8 contact700038-K1
Close Coil Assembly 110/120V AC706749-T9
Close Coil Assembly 125V DC706749-T11
Close Coil Assembly 208/240V AC706749-T6
Close Coil Assembly 250V DC706749-T12
Close Coil Assembly 48V DC706749-T5
Control Device Assembly 110/120V AC706750-T5
Control Device Assembly 125V DC706750-T11
Control Device Assembly 208/240V AC706750-T6
Control Device Assembly 250V DC706750-T12
Control Device Assembly 48V DC706750-T10
Electrical Close Switch 703271-A
Ground Clip Assembly706742-T4
Hardware & Retainer Kit709654-T2
Lifting Yoke Assembly711973-K1
Magnetic Latch Assembly160862-T3
Maintenance Handle710302-K1
Motor Assembly 110/120V AC or 125V DC709799-T11
Motor Assembly 208/240V AC or 250V DC709799-T12
Motor Assembly 48 Volts DC709799-T13
Motor Disconnect Switch703270-A
Moving Contact Assembly709754-T16
Operating Mechanism Assembly (Electrically Operated)706736-T15
Operating Mechanism Assembly (Manually Operated)706736-T114
Phase & Power Sensors for SS Trip Device609300-K5
Phase & Power Sensors for SS Trip Device609302-K5
Power Shield Assembly, Standard Type SS-3 609906-T3
Power Shield Assembly, Type SS-10609906-T8
Power Shield Assembly, Type SS-4 609906-T1
Power Shield Assembly, Type SS-5 609906-T2
Power Shield Assembly, Type SS-7 609906-T7
Primary Disconnect Assembly 706741-T4
Racking Crank711706-K1
Scow Close Bracket706195-T2
Secondary Disconnect Assembly - Movable703153-K1
Secondary Disconnect Assembly - Stationary703152-K2
Shunt Trip Assembly 110/120V AC706749-T9
Shunt Trip Assembly 125V DC706749-T11
Shunt Trip Assembly 208/240V AC706749-T6
Shunt Trip Assembly 250V DC706749-T12
Shunt Trip Assembly 360/480V AC706749-T8
Shunt Trip Assembly 48V DC706749-T5
Shunt Trip Assembly 500/600V AC706749-T12
SS Trip Device Test Set (Type 504)608089-T1
Undervoltage Trip Device - Instantaneous 110/120V AC708471-T1
Undervoltage Trip Device - Instantaneous 115/125V DC708471-T7
Undervoltage Trip Device - Instantaneous 208V AC708471-T3
Undervoltage Trip Device - Instantaneous 220/240V AC708471-T2
Undervoltage Trip Device - Instantaneous 230/250V DC708471-T8
Undervoltage Trip Device - Instantaneous 440/480V AC708471-T4
Undervoltage Trip Device - Instantaneous 48V DC708471-T6
Undervoltage Trip Device - Instantaneous 550/600 AC708471-T5
Undervoltage Trip Device - Time Delay 110/120 AC708471-T9
Undervoltage Trip Device - Time Delay 115/125V DC708471-T15
Undervoltage Trip Device - Time Delay 208V AC708471-T11
Undervoltage Trip Device - Time Delay 220/240V AC708471-T10
Undervoltage Trip Device - Time Delay 230/250V DC708471-T16
Undervoltage Trip Device - Time Delay 440/480V AC708471-T12
Undervoltage Trip Device - Time Delay 48V DC708471-T14
Undervoltage Trip Device -Time Delay 550/600V AC708471-T13
Upper Terminal Assembly, Drawout Mounting709751-T4
Upper Terminal Assembly, Stationary Mounting709751-T12

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