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Westinghouse LF25H230 Renewal Parts

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Description Part Number
1 coil design, 200 volt DC for 240 volt AC control2147A28G02
10 prong plug and wire2147A15G01
10 prong receptacle and wire2147A15G02
2 coil design, 40 volt DC for 120 volt AC control2147A28G05
2 coil design, 80 volt DC for 240 volt AC control2147A28G06
2 KVA control transformer 2300/240/120 volt 2147A11G02
2 KVA control transformer 4160/240/120 volt2147A11G06
200 amp cell2147A91G02
200 amp complete isolating switch with key lock hole2147A21G02
200 amp complete magnetic contactor with 120 volt control and two normally open and two normally closed interlocks2147A20G01
200 amp incoming line stab assembly with shutter mechanism and finger barriers 2147A21G11
200 amp, 2300 volt complete isolating switch 2147A21G01
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 100/5)2147A14G04
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 1000/5)2147A14G14
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 150/5)2147A14G05
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 200/5)2147A14G06
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 250/5)2147A14G07
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 300/5)2147A14G08
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 400/5)2147A14G09
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 50/5)2147A14G02
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 500/5)2147A14G10
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 600/5)2147A14G11
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 75/5)2147A14G03
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 750/5)2147A14G12
3 Phase donut type (Ratio 800/5)2147A14G13
Arc Box2147A26G01
Arc Box Jaw2147A01G11
Back Sheet 90" High2147A92G08
Blank Hinged Door 15" High2147A92G05
Blank Hinged Door 30" High2147A92G06
Blank Hinged Door 60" High2147A92G07
Blank Low Voltage Door Non Reversing 30" High2147A92G03
Blank Low Voltage Door Reversing 60" High2147A92G04
Bus Enclosure Empty2147A92G11
Bus Enclosure With Insulators, 1200 Amp Copper Bus, 1/4" X 4" Non Insulated, Non Plated2147A92G12
Contact kit, one set of springs, and 3 pole, stationary and moving contact2147A22G01
Contactor Coil and Protective Resistor 1 Coil Design, 100 volt DC for 120 volt AC control 2147A28G01
Contactor pole assembly2147A20G13
Control transformer 2300/120 volt, 400 V.A.2147A11G40
Control transformer primary fuse, 2300 volt, 2 amp2147A11G24
Control transformer primary fuse, 4160 volt, 3 amp2147A11G25
Formed side sheet common to all structures2147A90G01
Fuse block with fuse clips for secondary fuses for control circuit, 120 colt 2147A11G35
Fuse blocks with fuse clips for primary fuses for control transformers, 2300 volt primary2147A11G21
Fuse blocks with fuse clips for primary fuses for control transformers, 4160 volt primary2147A11G22
Fuse Puller2147A93G02
Grounding bar and barriers2147A21G20
Grounding fingers2147A21G21
Handle and front plate assembly with microswitch2147A21G18
High Voltage Door Non Reversing 21" High2147A92G01
High Voltage Door Reversing 60" High2147A92G02
Incoming line stab assembly2147A21G19
Kick Plate Front2147A92G21
L-64 interlock one normally open and one normally closed contact (standard)843D943G21
L-64 interlock two normally closed contacts843D943G32
L-64 interlock two normally open contacts843D943G22
Line finger cluster assembly2147A20G12
Line finger, fuse mounting assembly2147A22G11
Line stab assembly, 3 Copper stabs plus insulator2147A21G15
Line stab assembly, 3 Copper stabs plus insulator for reversing, autotransformer and multi-speed starters2147A21G16
Micro switch assembly2147A01G01
Moving contact assembly2147A20G11
Phase barriers2147A26G11
Potential transformer 3 phase open delta (2300/120 volt)2147A11G14
Potential transformer 3 phase open delta (4160/120 volt)2147A11G15
Potential transformers single phase2147A11G11
Potential transformers single phase 4160/ 120 volt 2147A11G12
Primary Fuse Bands 2147A11G31
Shutter mechanism only for 200 amp2147A21G12
Side stiffener2147A91G11
Single phase bar type (Ratio 100/5)2147A12G04
Single phase bar type (Ratio 150/5)2147A12G05
Single phase bar type (Ratio 200/5)2147A12G06
Single phase bar type (Ratio 25/5) 2147A12G01
Single phase bar type (Ratio 250/5)2147A12G07
Single phase bar type (Ratio 50/5)2147A12G02
Single phase bar type (Ration 75/5)2147A12G03
Single phase donut type (Ratio 100/5)2147A13G04
Single phase donut type (Ratio 1000/5)2147A13G14
Single phase donut type (Ratio 1200/5)2147A13G15
Single phase donut type (Ratio 200/5)2147A13G06
Single phase donut type (Ratio 250/5)2147A13G07
Single phase donut type (Ratio 300/5) 2147A13G08
Single phase donut type (Ratio 400/5)2147A13G09
Single phase donut type (Ratio 500/5)2147A13G10
Single phase donut type (Ratio 600/5)2147A13G11
Single phase donut type (Ratio 750/5)2147A13G12
Single phase donut type (Ratio 800/5)2147A13G13
Single phase donut type (Ratio150/5)2147A13G05
Standard control transformer (2300/120 volt, 750 amp)2147A11G01
Standard control transformer (2300/240 volt, 750 amp)2147A11G03
Standard control transformer (4160/120 volt, 600 volt amp)2147A11G05
Standard control transformer (4160/240 volt, 600 volt amp)2147A11G07
Tray assembly with fuse clamps and grounding fingers2147A21G22

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