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Westinghouse LF50H430L Renewal Parts

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Description Part Number
115 AC / 100 DC - Coil658C651G01
115 AC / 100 DC - Rectifier Unit2018A40G01
115 AC / 100 DC - Resistor443A328H30
230 AC / 200 DC - Coil658C651G02
230 AC / 200 DC - Recitifer Unit2018A40G02
230 AC / 200 DC - Resistor6340D02G01
Arc box assembly (R.H. side removed) (Ref No. 16)490A813G10
Arc box support insulator (Ref No. 24)872D207H01
Arc shield (Ref No. 17872D200H01
Arc shield clip (Ref No. 18)484B511H01
Arc switch jaw (Ref No. 25)316B932H01
Arc switch spring (Ref No. 26)316B934H01
Arc switch support (Ref No. 316B943H01
Armature (Ref No. 38)657C754H03
Armature adjusting lever (Ref No. 40)657C751H01
Armature clamp (Ref No. 39)657C752H01
Blowout coil (Ref No. 11)657C761G01
Blowout coil core (Ref No. 12)657C753G01
Blowout coil core tube (Ref No. 13)484B450H01
Blowout coil pole piece - L.H.(Ref No. 14) 872D211G02
Blowout coil pole piece - R.H.(Ref No. 14) 872D211G01
Coil retaining washer (Ref No. 45)484B512G01
Complete Contactor without coil490A880G01
Complete Contactor without coil490A880G02
Contact shaft bearing 430A762H01
Contact shaft key 316B929H03
Contact shaft with insulation - 3 pole 490A813G08
Drawout contact finger (Ref No. 28)490A813G07
Drawout detent latch (Ref No. 37)657C775G01
Finger support insulator (Ref No. 48)872D213H01
Fuse Block455A865H02
Fuse lever for line fuse with finger holes (Ref No. 31)657C765H01
Fuse lever spring (Ref No. 32)441A241H12
Grid stack (Ref No. 19)636C347G02
Grid stack clamp (Ref No. 23)484B524H01
Insulation tube for load connector (Ref No. 36)2017A85H04
Insulator for line arc horn 872D216G01872D203H02
Insulator for load arc horn 872D216G02872D203H01
Isolating switch interlock lever spring (Ref No. 46)197A754H04
Line arc horn (Ref No. 20)872D216G01
Line fuse support with finger holes (Ref No. 30)872D224H01
Load arc horn (Ref No. 21)872D216G02
Load connector (Ref No. 35)657C774H01
Load finger support (Ref No. 34)657C773G01
Locking bar for above (Ref No. 15)484B514H01
Magnet Core (Center) (Ref No. 42)484B500H01
Magnet Core (Outside)657C764H01
Magnet pole face (Ref No. 44)640C443H06
Magnet residual shim 484B501H01
Magnet yoke (Ref No. 43)657C755H02
Moving and stationary contact (Ref No. 1)316B948G01
Moving contact pivot shaft (Ref No. 6) 484B510H01
Moving Contact Shunt (Ref No. 5)657C766G01
Moving contact spring (Ref No. 2)488A898H01
Moving contact spring support (Ref No. 4)657C759H01
Moving Contact stop (Ref No. 7)484B544H01
Moving contact support (Ref No. 3)484B505G01
Muffler (Ref No. 22)872D202G01
Phase barrier - 28 inch height (Ref No. 41)657C767H01
Secondary control fuse - 10 amp. 250 volt120A823H04
Shoulder (Ref No. 50)488A871H07
Side cover for above (Ref No. 9)872D210H01
Stationary contact insulator (Ref No. 8)648J24H01
Stationary contact support (Ref No. 10)657C760G01
Type L-64 electrical interlock843D943G04
Type L-64 electrical interlock (Ref No. 47)197A754H04
Wheel (Ref No. 49)484B506H01

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